Who We Are

FinAKS manages the most critical part of your business, the CFO function. FinAKS helps your organization become finance-ready, implementing robust processes and Compliance for better controls and establishing a process of arriving at decisions in an informed manner. From Finance Consulting, Business Support to CFO services including Virtual CFO, FinAKS provides a complete suite of finance services that are flexible, process-rich, value-driven and results-oriented.

FinAKS is deeply interested in your business strength and extends every imaginable support that is required to ensure its success. FinAKS comprises an experienced, multi-faceted and highly motivated team of finance professionals who engage with your business taking complete ownership of outcomes. FinAKS believes in building strong relationships, developing and designing process-rich finance systems that are business-focused. Getting the job done with integrity, accountability and agility is our mantra.

Our Team

The FinAKS Team

Why FinAKS

FinAKS was born out of the need to plug the glaring gap in Business Support and Finance Consulting services for small to mid-sized companies, startups and even established organizations. From Business Strategic Consulting and Support that understands, manages and executes on finance processes, FinAKS is an integral part of any Business or Finance team. FinAKS enables and empowers the entire finance team including the CFO to take decisions with authority and confidence.

Having serviced a broad spectrum of clients, both international and domestic, FinAKS understands that organizations need CFO support services that meet the following criteria:

FinAKS Advisory Services
The offsite, onsite advantage
FinAKS operates both offsite and onsite teams based on business requirements. These teams work in tandem with existing finance teams and support, augment and manage day-to-day finance operations without disruption.
FinAKS Advisory Services
The offsite, onsite advantage
FinAKS operates both offsite and onsite teams based on business requirements. These teams work in tandem with existing finance teams and support, augment and manage day-to-day finance operations without disruption.
FinAKS Advisory Services
360° finance management
Offering strategic advisory services to executive management, augmenting and supporting existing teams, implementing processes, business support and investor decks for seed funding and more, FinAKS’ capabilities straddle all worlds.
FinAKS Advisory Services
Build, operate, transfer
FinAKS is uniquely positioned to build, mentor and hand over finance-ready teams to organizations. Effortless and smooth transition ensures business continuity with robust finance outcomes.
FinAKS Advisory Services
Diversity of experience & expertise
FinAKS has a diverse portfolio of clients across a broad spectrum of industries served by finance professionals with a blend of deep subject knowledge, experience in business, finance and operations roles.
FinAKS Advisory Services
Responsive finance solutions
FinAKS is an agile, lean and driven team of finance experts who believe in getting the job done competently. A trusted and dependable finance strategic partner, FinAKS assists, reviews, monitors, sets up, reports and validates all the niche aspects of finance, ensuring your business runs smoothly and successfully. We work as an extended arm of our customer organization wherein there is no difference in terms of responsibility or accountability of the various functions irrespective of whether they are in-house or outsourced.

The FinAKS Edge

FinAKS helps you focus on core areas of your business ensuring that the finance function continues to buzz with systems in place and standards being maintained. With the best experts working to suit your organization’s unique needs, FinAKS relieves the CFO of time-consuming tasks, enables sharper focus on key priorities and empowers balanced and informed decision-making. FinAKS works with you to optimize your finance function by:

  • Setting up Statutory Compliance Dashboards
  • Developing Business & Finance Strategy
  • Reporting and Analyzing Plan Vs Actuals variances
  • Business Finance Support
  • Identifying and executing risk-mitigation measures
  • Anchoring startups through their business lifecycle
  • Building Finance & Accounting teams from the bottom up
  • Providing Virtual CFO Support services

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What We Do

No matter your organization’s size, industry or domain, FinAKS offers a breadth of finance services encompassing various aspects of finance consulting including IT, Banking and Financial Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Pharma, Retail, Consulting and Offshoring. FinAKS works very closely with members of the top management leveraging its rich industry experience to prescribe relevant recommendations that are best suited to your business, competitive environment, and risk profile.

In today’s highly competitive and complex business environment, organizations of all sizes can be effective and achieve success only with water tight processes in place. Understanding the business and designing, developing, implementing, reviewing and improving processes requires highly experienced experts to deliver speedy solutions. FinAKS understands that in order to achieve Finance effectiveness, companies need support to deliver finance excellence including setting up systems for Accounting and Controls, Compliances, Cost Optimization and a Document repository.

FinAKS understands that for an organization’s financial well being, it is imperative to have strong financial vigilance and management controls. Given FinAKS’ vast and rich resource pool of qualified finance experts, analysts and business professionals, FinAKS offers a vast array of services including management reporting, Pricing and Commercial Contracting, Vendor & Customer Negotiations, Investor decks and Corporate Governance.